Between The Layers...

Each and Every cake that I create marks an important day or event in the life of a Family.

Behind every one of these custom confections is a story. A story of triumph,of sweetness, of love, of happiness, and of extraordinary happenings.

Here are just a few cakes that begged to have their stories told. For me their story is written in each layer. For you, I hope to be able to tell their tale with more than just frosting.


Sunday, March 8, 2009

Barnyard Bash!

Cake: Butter recipie cake with carmel frosting
Paper Products:

My daughter Izzy is obsessed with horses. If she could she would eat, breathe, and live horses. So it was no surprise when she turned three and I asked her what she wanted for her birthday she told me, “A horse mommy. But not a not fake horse, I want a real horse!”
“But Izzy,” I said. “Where would we keep a real horse?”
“In the backyard,” she said matter-of-factly.
“It’s too small, we just don’t have a place for a real horse .”
“Uh-huh mom. I could put it in my bed!”

Izzy didn’t get a horse for her birthday, but we did have an all out barnyard bash for her birthday.
For invitations I made a cute little barn that had a hayloft window that opened and said “You’re invited to a Barnyard Bash!” and double doors below that opened with information about the party.

The day of Izzy’s birthday dawned, and as the first rays of sunshine peaked over the horizon Izzy’s eyes sprang open. She bounded out of bed and ran through the house with a hoot and a holler to wake everyone that was still snoozin’ soundly.
After rousin’ all the youngins and forcing her poor tired parents out of bed she bounced up ‘n down with such enthusiasm as to make a jack rabbit proud. “Where’s my present’s, where’s my present’s,” she chanted with each leap ‘n bound.
In eager anticipation she tore into her first wrapped gift and pulled out, a brand spankin’ new pair of red cowgirl boots, with a matchin’ red cowgirl shirt and a pair of nifty new denim pants from Grandma. On to the next gift she hardly gave pause and found beneath its polkdot wrapping a fancy new hat fit for the cowgirl she was. She ran to her room peeling pajamas off as she went and pulled on her new getup and giggled delightedly when she looked at her own reflection.
When the clock struck high noon her barnyard bash began. As the guests started comin’ they dressed up as cows, chickens, horses and even a few hippos.
Soon a farmer came wanderin’ by and told us that some bandits scattered all his animals and wondered if there were any cowboy folk round these parts to help ‘im round up all his lost animals. Everyone grabbed a bandanna and a cowboy hat and went on a search for the farmer’s missin’ animals. Lots of cats and dogs, sheep, pigs, chickens, and loads of horses were found in a flash and taken to the barn for safe keepin’! There sure were some great cowboys and cowgirls at the party.

The farmer was so glad that he had gotten all his animals back that he sent a wild horse loaded with sweets to all his new friends. The wild stallion ran quick as the wind spilling out candy and prizes all over the ground. The kids caught on quick though and all tried to catch the horse but it was just too quick. At last it’s strength gave out and the kids grabbed the loot and headed for corners where no one could see, and scarffed down as much sugar as they could before they were found.

At last it was time to eat some good grub, pigs in a blanket and cake hit the spot!

And then our little cowgirl rode off into sunset. It was one great Barnyard bash!


"J" Flamly mom said...

it was a rootin' tootin' good time, I would recommend this party to anyone who has a little one that loves the cowboy kind of life.

cad said...

This is the first time I have visited your cake site.... wow! I'm impressed. And I love the barnyard bash party. What a fun idea! You are very creative. Good luck in all your cake decorating. You do a wonderful job.

Mimi said...

Heidi, your cakes are amazing!One is more beautiful than the next, and to think that you make all the decorations yourself! I wish you lived near me, then I could get one of them for my birthday.
You're so talented, I am really in awe.