Between The Layers...

Each and Every cake that I create marks an important day or event in the life of a Family.

Behind every one of these custom confections is a story. A story of triumph,of sweetness, of love, of happiness, and of extraordinary happenings.

Here are just a few cakes that begged to have their stories told. For me their story is written in each layer. For you, I hope to be able to tell their tale with more than just frosting.


Friday, January 1, 2010

The Perfect Princesses

Every girl dreams of being treated like a princess for a day. And for one magical afternoon my daughter, Kira, got to have her dream come true. A friend from school held a spectacular party to which she graciously invited my daughter to attend. She felt like she had died and gone to heaven.

On the appointed day and time we headed to one of our local salons (with a pretty little cake in tow). As we walked into the newly remodeled salon my daughter 's jaw dropped to the floor. It was beautiful.

We were directed down a small pathway of plush carpet into a room where three of her friends sat, soaking their feet in the swirling depths of the pedicure chairs. Grins spread from ear to ear on all three adorable faces. Soon all the girls were lined up picking out the perfect shade of fingernail polish that would adorn their freshly pampered toes. After a quick buff and shaping of each toe nail a layer of perfect colored polish was applied.

Then the girls were ushered into another part of the beauty parlor to have their fingernails manicured to perfection. Again, the girls were able to pick out their favorite color of polish to match their unique personalities.

As each princess completed her transformation they were escorted into a little alcove where a treat awaited their own special arrival. Each and every girl received their own little princess that sat below a perfectly pink and purple princess crown.

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Jaina said...

Wow, that's an amazing story and absolutely beautiful pictures! I love the imprint on the dresses, I'm assuming it was something like a fondant mat or other? (I haven't learned fondant yet)